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    As one of the oldest full service real estate firms in Atlanta we have been our clients advocates; helping them navigate the world of home ownership since 1932. We have implemented a Project Management system that is designed to pull together all aspects of your home renovation and/or home building needs and orchestrate your project to fulfill the dreams you have for your home.

    Home owners are demanding a change in the Home Design/Build industry; they are tired of contractors who over-charge and under-deliver. We’ve heard your complaints about your past experiences and we have taken what we have learned and developed a Project Management System/process that is effectively taking a broom and dustpan to the industry.

    Few firms have successfully entered the world of Residential Project Management, a concept found largely in the commercial construction arena. Our team of professional Project Managers has over a century of combined experience in the industry and are trained to remodel your home to the highest standards of custom building and remodeling.

Thanksgiving is a holiday for bringing friends and family together around a table full of tradition. No matter how you celebrate, one common denominator always exists – thankful hearts!

Thanksgiving is not just a day, but really a season where gratitude and thankfulness are magnified. Gratitude allows us to walk through hard times with dignity, humility, and maybe even a little humor. So, whether you’re shipping your turkey cross country for a grand dining room feast or grilling hot dogs in the backyard with your neighbor, take a moment to give thanks.

On a more personal note we wanted to share some holiday joys from the team:

-Holly: “I love to host the family around my dining room table and sit for hours after the meal sharing laughter.”

-Ralph: “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving for me without a little football playing in the background, although normally I’m asked to put the TV on mute!”

-Honor Berry: “My heart is full when my family gathers around the kitchen island as I prepare our favorite dishes.”

-Karen: “As a new-ish American citizen, I thoroughly enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and look forward to partaking in the delicious southern cuisine!”

-Honor Vess: “It wouldn’t Thanksgiving without mom’s turkey, dressing, and sweet potato casserole!”

-Nicole: “I enjoy cooking in the kitchen with mom, family gathering around the table, and decorating the house shortly after the guests head home.”

-Annsslee: “Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without an early morning run in preparation for the big meal ahead!”


Our goal this holiday season is to make our family bigger, starting with our Giving Tree. If you haven’t already heard, by posting your picture on our Facebook page you earn a spot on our Giving Tree. January 1st begins the start of 12 days of giving. Don’t miss out!





As we entered into a new year, we have so much to be thankful for! It may be a motto that we live by but it couldn’t be more true! We are in the relationship business, and we feel so grateful for all of you. Last year was a great year with its changes, additions, and surprises. Yes, we sold homes, rented to new residents, and built new homes around the area, but our greatest joy as a company is the relationships we are building with YOU.

I think the most exciting change is one you will see when you walk through our front door. We build beautiful custom homes year round for others, so we thought it’s our turn, ‘why not renovate the office?’ With not much time to let that thought sink in, we were ripping up the parkay flooring, tearing out carpet, and selling some of our ‘treasures’ on our front stoop to make room for the new additions. Just a couple of weeks before Christmas, we were designing the new layout in hopes to have it finished before the holidays. With new flooring, a beautifully hand crafted front desk, suitable and stylish office décor and gorgeous lighting, our office has been renovated to portray our love for what we do. We hope that the new space makes everyone feel warm and welcomed as you visit.

On the topic of renovation, we are also excited to announce that we have launched our new website! (click on the “website” link at the top of the page to check it out!) One of our own, Nicole Cosentino, designed our new site with a fresh perspective for all we have in store for 2014. (A huge thank you to our great friend Kelly Lane Photography for all of her help with web knowledge) Just because we have been in business for 82 years does not mean that our website has to show it. We have incorporated all of our new software into the website, in hopes it becomes a cornerstone for all of our clients. You can find all information pertaining to our different divisions, Real Estate Sales, Rental Property Management and Design Build. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think!

We are blessed with all of the relationships being built along the way, the number of closings, sales, new builds, and clients / residents we received in 2013. Along with all our new business we were happy to add Annslee Stovall to our team, as Property Management Coordinator. She is a wonderful addition to the team, working alongside Rosalie to make sure that our Property Management Division stays running smoothly. There are so many more blessings we could share that happened in 2013, but I want you to keep reading our blog posts so I’ll end with- Wow! What an amazing year, we are so looking forward to what 2014 has in store.


Wishing you, wherever you are, a prosperous and fulfilling 2014!





Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through the office
The staff were excited about the season upon us

Ralph was in the attic, getting boxes of decorations
We were downstairs making all the preparations

So down came the tree, the wreaths and the bows
The nutcrackers, the garlands and lights – rows and rows

But upon opening the boxes, we found with disgust
Something had been feasting on our baubles with lust

The wreaths were all ragged, the garlands were matted
The bows were undone and the string lights were shattered

The smell was horrendous but much worse than that
Emerging from the tree box, was a huge, ugly rat!

The girls screamed and scattered and jumped on the desks
While Ralph kept his calm and went in search of a net

The rat took off running with Ralph close behind
Like a seasoned game hunter, he was not feeling kind

He cornered the rat and came in for the kill
While we watched in amazement at his cunning and skill

He pounced on the rat and grabbed onto its tail
Yelling, “I am a hunter …… I will prevail!!”

So Ralph saved that Christmas and for each year thereafter
We re-tell the story whil howling with laughter

We never want a repeat of that fateful day
But it’s a great story to tell…… to new staff anyway
Of the day Ralph saved Christmas and let us be merry

And as we celebrate this year…… Merry Christmas from Berry!



Well we are officially 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving. Lets just let that sink in….. Okay, enough of that. Yikes! Where has the year gone?!

Time to get out the cookbooks, send the invites, prepare the table with all your favorite harvest decorations, and most important dig out those “stretchy pants” in preparation for the 2 plate-fulls of turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes that is somehow justified on this one day each year.

We all have our different Thanksgiving traditions that tend to stick throughout the years, because it simply wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them. For some, enjoying a cup of joe while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Others, hours spent in the kitchen magically making heavenly dishes that pack on the pounds. Let’s not forget where you will find all the men- crammed onto the only 3 person couch in the living room cheering on the football game of the hour. (GO STEELERS!) Ending the day with a thankful heart and a slice of grandma’s pumpkin pie.

Whether you’re traveling or hosting- relax and enjoy that day or two away from work embracing your loved ones. Next thing you know it will be Christmas and the New Year will begin… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Enjoy Turkey Day!

Written By; Nicole and Annslee



We are all about restoring used items. The beauty of this concept is that you can create something new from something old! In this example we have taken some old books and given them a little shine. Spraying the books with some gold spray paint created an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish table piece! Your item becomes a topic of conversation and will show your guests you have some talent in those hands of yours! Add style and personality to your space by restoring older items and reusing them as beautiful home decor! We want to see what you come up with- so be sure to share your greatest creations!

Be it old, be it new, be it borrowed…..make it new!